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Shipping Phan… And what’s wrong with that?

Everyone keeps posting crap on the Phan tag, telling people to stop shipping.
…. Why is this? I tried not to ship Phan at first because it felt weird to ship real people. But they make it pretty darn difficult. I’ve given in and I now ship them like crazy. But how is that affecting you? I think there are a few things non-shippers/anti-shippers need to understand.

First of all, shipping means that you like the IDEA of two specific people being in a relationship. It does not mean that you think they are in a relationship, just that you would be happy if they actually were.

Second, not all Phangirls are creepers who think that Phil and Dan have buttsex between takes and say dumb things like “OMG THEY SMILED AT EACH OTHER PHAN IS REAL”. No. It doesn’t work that way.

Third, we have reason to ship. When I first started shipping them, it wasn’t even intentional. My friend showed me the all the Phil Is Not On Fire/AmazingDan videos and based off of the way they acted towards each other (the extended glances, excessive touching and moments ranging from undeniably adorable to bordering on homoeroticism) I thought they were together. They don’t act like typical straight best friends, how you take that is up to you.

And last but not least, when we point out cute “Phan” moments in videos, it’s not meant to be like “OMG PROOF OF PHAN”. No. -_- We post gifs and watch fanvids and read fanfiction because those little moments between them are what makes the ship real to US, regardless of whether or not they’re actually together. 

I read fanfiction.
I watch fanvideos for them on Youtube.
And I ship them like crazy.
But is that getting in their faces and bothering them? No.
Should it be bothering you? No.
So unless you are Dan or Phil, it is not your place to tell shippers that they’re being dumb. And don’t judge Phangirls based off of the small fraction of them that make the rest of us look bad. In other words, just let us have our fun.


Because really, is there anything wrong with that?

1 year ago on September 8th, 2012 |10 notes